The Fate of the Furious

What if The Fate of the Furious ........

The installment of the Fast and Furious Series that was just a movie made to earn money and so it did. But the movie was not that good. For many parts it reminded me of the South Indian movies where the hero and his small team beat a huge size army of villain. The movie was quite a disgrace to some of the earlier movies of the same series. As said earlier it was just made for money.

Now looking at the parts where I would have said " Ahh.. this is where I would have done something thing different."

Why did even Dom betrayed the team that was family for him just for a girl he barely knew. 
And when the villein had the " Eye of God " why not use it to track the Dom and team when they were planing against the team and had them all killed.
Or why not make Dom kill his team for the life of his wife and daughter.
Well there are many parts where the bad guys could have improvised and succeeded.
And when you are the Defense Minister if France carrying the Nuclear launch code why not have a big platoon of army behind you for security.
And in a busy city like New York where all the electric cars have been hacked and are going mad where is police. They should have been protecting the launch code.

Lastly no matter how good of a team you have you do not go into a Russian military base and steal a submarine not especially when you are American. Well and the Russian had so many chance to kill Dom and his team really they suck at shooting.

Lastly the villain could have improvised and shot one of her many missiles at the Dom and his team to take over the world.

Really, a poor movie.


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