Civil War Captain America

What if Civil War Captain America ....

Civil War : Captain America is a nice movie but did not lived to the height set by the first movie. The star cast was awesome with almost every Superhero that the Marvel Universe had but the story line was not as impressive as the previous one.

Now lets see the parts where I would have said "Ahh .... " I would have different.

First of all you have the best superhero squad in your Universe than why would UN want to close it rather than use it for the good of all. In the first part when you actually wanted to blow up whole of New York with a nuclear missile than that was that could have killed millions it was okay but now the same UN wants to shut down the Avengers for a reason being  " They could be dangerous ". Well that could have stopped the whole super hero war from happening.

Next part was the super hero fight. That was the best part of the whole movie but realizing the power of the heroes there are a fight could have really been simple and short.

Why not blow all the planes to prevent Captain America to fly away.
Or why not kill James "Bucky" Barnes  a.k.a. the winter solider to prevent the civil war of heroes.
Well both sides should have agreed on that.

Well overall it was a good movie. And the best fight scene the fans were  waiting since ever.   


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