Wonder Woman

What if Wonder Woman...

Wonder woman is a great DC movie that just saved DC and established Wonder Woman as one of the best female super hero character. The role of wonder woman is played perfectly by Gal Gadot as if she was born to play "Wonder Woman". 

Few of the things that could have been different if we think it a little logical way are :

When you have a god on your side why not teach her to use her powers not just some physical fighting only. If she had learn to control her power before the first fight at the beach well many casualties could have been saved. 

Now when you have already seen the supernatural powers of the island and the lady why not try to find the truth in her story of god rather than not believing.
And the sad part of the movie is that German Nazi are shown as the evil characters and their commander is the devil himself.
The villain should have killed the Wonder Woman in London rather than waiting for the time when she was actually powerful to kill the villain. That is the most common mistake that every villain make in almost every movie. Just kill the hero when they had the chance. Ta daa .... end of story and the evil rules the world.
Lastly the hero knew that it was a time bomb on the plane flying to London than he should have just used the parachute than just sacrificing his life where a better outcome was possible.


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