What if Iron man 

Ironman was one of the pioneer of the modern science fiction movies. The movie which set the trend of other new sci fi movies.

Looking back at the movie that almost came about a decade ago you can find many mistakes and many places where e you could have said "What if ........"

First of all lets see the character Tony stark owner of Stark Industries, billionaire, handsome, playboy, and much more. He has almost any thing a man can wish for but deep down inside his heart he lacks a true love in hos heart.

The last part of the movie where he reviled the secret identity of the iron man. When you are a super hero who is one of the most wanted person on the planet you do not just give out your secret identity. That is the part that caused the terrors over other sequels.
Other point when you have the technology from the future that is capable of creating a new renewable source of energy that is capable of running a super advance robot would you want to research on that technology or try to make world a better place with that. After all that  is what super heroes are for to make world a better place.    
Or even he  could have bribed the kidnappers with shit load of money rather than working for them or he could have just given him some of his products in exchange of his freedom.
Lastly the part when you have to defeat your own uncle/ business partner he could have just one of his many missiles over his suites and boom the fight is over.


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