The Fate of the Furious

What if The Fate of the Furious ........

The installment of the Fast and Furious Series that was just a movie made to earn money and so it did. But the movie was not that good. For many parts it reminded me of the South Indian movies where the hero and his small team beat a huge size army of villain. The movie was quite a disgrace to some of the earlier movies of the same series. As said earlier it was just made for money.

Now looking at the parts where I would have said " Ahh.. this is where I would have done something thing different."

Why did even Dom betrayed the team that was family for him just for a girl he barely knew. 
And when the villein had the " Eye of God " why not use it to track the Dom and team when they were planing against the team and had them all killed.
Or why not make Dom kill his team for the life of his wife and daughter.
Well there are many parts where the bad guys could have improvised and succeeded.
And when you are the Defense Minister if Fran…

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

What if Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales .... 

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the best movie series of the Disney Franchise. It has made few irreplaceable characters like Captain Jack Sparrow and others. Though this movie was not so good as the previous ones but it was okay and entertaining to the ones who have watched the whole series.

Now looking at the parts where you could have been like " Ahh here I would have done something different. "

First of all the hanging scene where you are going to hang the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. Well he is the most wanted pirate. All of the East India Company has been after him why not just shoot that guy as you know he has already skipped the death many times. 

And why trade the Compass. That is the most precious thing that any one can ever have. Why trade it for just a bottle of Whisky.

And Captain Sazzler should have killed the entire crew of the Captain Barbosa and the Captain Jack Sparrow when he had the chance or t…

Civil War Captain America

What if Civil War Captain America ....

Civil War : Captain America is a nice movie but did not lived to the height set by the first movie. The star cast was awesome with almost every Superhero that the Marvel Universe had but the story line was not as impressive as the previous one.

Now lets see the parts where I would have said "Ahh .... " I would have different.

First of all you have the best superhero squad in your Universe than why would UN want to close it rather than use it for the good of all. In the first part when you actually wanted to blow up whole of New York with a nuclear missile than that was that could have killed millions it was okay but now the same UN wants to shut down the Avengers for a reason being  " They could be dangerous ". Well that could have stopped the whole super hero war from happening.

Next part was the super hero fight. That was the best part of the whole movie but realizing the power of the heroes there are a fight could have real…

Wonder Woman

What if Wonder Woman...

Wonder woman is a great DC movie that just saved DC and established Wonder Woman as one of the best female super hero character. The role of wonder woman is played perfectly by Gal Gadot as if she was born to play "Wonder Woman". 

Few of the things that could have been different if we think it a little logical way are :

When you have a god on your side why not teach her to use her powers not just some physical fighting only. If she had learn to control her power before the first fight at the beach well many casualties could have been saved. 

Now when you have already seen the supernatural powers of the island and the lady why not try to find the truth in her story of god rather than not believing.
And the sad part of the movie is that German Nazi are shown as the evil characters and their commander is the devil himself.
The villain should have killed the Wonder Woman in London rather than waiting for the time when she was actually powerful to kill the vill…


What if Iron man 

Ironman was one of the pioneer of the modern science fiction movies. The movie which set the trend of other new sci fi movies.

Looking back at the movie that almost came about a decade ago you can find many mistakes and many places where e you could have said "What if ........"

First of all lets see the character Tony stark owner of Stark Industries, billionaire, handsome, playboy, and much more. He has almost any thing a man can wish for but deep down inside his heart he lacks a true love in hos heart.

The last part of the movie where he reviled the secret identity of the iron man. When you are a super hero who is one of the most wanted person on the planet you do not just give out your secret identity. That is the part that caused the terrors over other sequels.
Other point when you have the technology from the future that is capable of creating a new renewable source of energy that is capable of running a super advance robot would you want to research o…


What if Bahubali

Bahubali the most successful movie of the Indian cinema history. A tale about Mahesmati Kingdom and various political affairs.

All the catastrophic events could have been prevented. If Raj Mata Shivagami had asked DevSena for her will before arranging her wedding with the Bhalla. All that would have prevented if she had either asked Amrendra Bahubali about his will. All that could have been prevented if Raj Mata had not took decision based on her anger and pride. As a lady Raj Mata should have asked for the will of another lady Dev Sena about the right to choose her husband rather deciding it as the will of his son and her pride.

Now let us assume the later situation when Kattapa killed Bhaubali. All that would have been prevented if Kattapa had decided not to kill Bahubali and if he had valued his emotions over his duty. Or even if Raj Mata had took her decision based on her anger and pride. All would have been prevented if she had thought about the consequences of h…

Titanic movie

What if Titanic...
Titanic is the most famous movie of the century. Based on many real events and few cinematic touch ups. Titanic was believed to be the unsinkable.
There are many things that could have gone right in Titanic.
First of all if the owner of the ship had not been too greedy to make the head line about the titanic reaching New York than the Titanic would have been safe and hopefully the Jack and Rose would have had a complete love story. They would not have a tragic end to their story.
Another thing that could have prevented the crash was if the two guards who were responsible for checking any icebergs up ahead had not been checking out the romance of Jack and Rose.
Lastly after the iceberg collided with Titanic many people could have been saved if they had a better plans figured out in case of collision. And the last tragic scene of titanic that everyone loved, where Jack was on the freezing water of Atlantic and Rose was on the wooden door. Both of them could have been…