Titanic movie

What if Titanic...

Titanic is the most famous movie of the century. Based on many real events and few cinematic touch ups. Titanic was believed to be the unsinkable.

There are many things that could have gone right in Titanic.

First of all if the owner of the ship had not been too greedy to make the head line about the titanic reaching New York than the Titanic would have been safe and hopefully the Jack and Rose would have had a complete love story. They would not have a tragic end to their story.

Another thing that could have prevented the crash was if the two guards who were responsible for checking any icebergs up ahead had not been checking out the romance of Jack and Rose.

Lastly after the iceberg collided with Titanic many people could have been saved if they had a better plans figured out in case of collision. And the last tragic scene of titanic that everyone loved, where Jack was on the freezing water of Atlantic and Rose was on the wooden door. Both of them could have been saved if they agreed to share the space on the door. And then we would have a story where at least we would have “ … and they lived happily ever after.”

And at the end, lady you do not just throw a necklace that is worth a millions of dollar in middle of an ocean.


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