What if Bahubali

Bahubali the most successful movie of the Indian cinema history. A tale about Mahesmati Kingdom and various political affairs.

All the catastrophic events could have been prevented. If Raj Mata Shivagami had asked DevSena for her will before arranging her wedding with the Bhalla. All that would have prevented if she had either asked Amrendra Bahubali about his will. All that could have been prevented if Raj Mata had not took decision based on her anger and pride. As a lady Raj Mata should have asked for the will of another lady Dev Sena about the right to choose her husband rather deciding it as the will of his son and her pride.

Now let us assume the later situation when Kattapa killed Bhaubali. All that would have been prevented if Kattapa had decided not to kill Bahubali and if he had valued his emotions over his duty. Or even if Raj Mata had took her decision based on her anger and pride. All would have been prevented if she had thought about the consequences of his history.

Other parts of the movie Balla should have killed Dev Sena rather than keeping her in prison for 25 years.

Bahubali is a great movie with realistic VFX animation. The way of storytelling, animation, acting and the Indian movie masala  all have made it worth a watch.


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