Logan movie

What if LOGAN

First of all you just don't stop at the middle of a highway when you are being chased by a super evil corp. just to help a complete random stranger's family. And even if you happen to do so than you being the team of super powerful mutants do not agree to stay up with a family of random strangers for a night. You just move to where you were heading. That could have changed the whole plot of movie. The innocent family would have been safe, Charles Xavier would be still alive and most importantly the child Laura would have been safe and so you would make others mutant safe as Donald Pierece could not have found him.

And If I was in place of Logan why not kill the Donald head of instigation at first rather than having to wait until he comes back again. And I would not have taken that wild child to the store and make a fool out of herself and leave a trace for him.

Why not just show Logan the power of Laura at first before everything happen and convince him to take her with Logan preventing again a death of many and just prevent the war.

And if I was the head of X-24 facility responsible for creating the mutants why not just place a GPS tracker inside them that could have really been a lot easier to locate the mutants.

And obviously there were much more places where you could have been like "What if ........". But this is the list of all I could remember.

Happy ending :D


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